Wally Road was named for the railroad that once ran the same route along the Mohican River. The Walhonding Railroad, or The Wally as it became known, ran between the towns of Loudonville and Coshocton on a single set of tracks, crossing over the Mohican more than a dozen times.

Today, Wally Road continues to follow the Mohican River. The road winds and turns amongst beautiful rolling hills and breathtaking scenery. Wally runs 10.41 miles between Loudonville and Greer, and takes in 3 counties…Ashland, Holmes and Knox.

On May 4, 2005 Wally Road was named a State Scenic Byway. With its meandering route, hillside splendor, the Mohican River and abundance of recreation…Wally Road truly is the largest outdoor recreational complex in Ohio.

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Wally Road Scenic Byway